J. Kazmir Search Results

1. Adoption, Your Only Option | J. Kazmir
Learn about the beauty of adoption with J. Kazmir.

2. Age is Just a Number – Senior Dogs – J. Kazmir
Age is just a number. Adopt a senior dog, they’ll prove it.

3. Keep up with Your Senior Dog | J. Kazmir’s Tips
Like a good bourbon, senior dogs improve with age. Learn how you can keep up.

4. A Second Chance at Life – J. Kazmir
Give a senior dog a second chance at life. They will spend it loving you.

5. Senior Dog Care – J. Kazmir
Senior dogs may need some special care, but you can handle it.

6. J. Kazmir Senior Dog Advice – Facebook

7. J. Kazmir’s Senior Pet Advice (@j_kazmir) | Twitter

8. J. Kazmir’s Senior Pet Secrets (@jkazseniorsecrets)


One thought on “J. Kazmir Search Results

  1. I think this is a good start to your web presence. Because you are writing a lot about dogs and pets maybe a search result could be you having a piece featured in a popular pet or dog magazine?

    Also, clarify which social media platform this is (I’m assuming it is Instagram): 8. J. Kazmir’s Senior Pet Secrets (@jkazseniorsecrets)

    Another suggestion is to not just have the typical social medias. Create a Pinterest account with different boards relating to different topics.


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