Build a Ramp – App

Build a Ramp is an app used to create a 3D version of a dog ramp design. Create a custom ramp based on your input fields and drag and drop capabilities, or upload a sketch to watch your dog ramp come to life! Use the handy measurements to buy the right amount of wood for the real deal.

Download. Access the App Store on your mobile device and search for “Build a Ramp.” Tap the “Get” button to download. Once downloaded, open the app.

Start from Scratch or Upload a Design. Select if you want to “Start from  Scratch” or “Upload a Design.”

Upload a Design. Upload a file with your dog ramp design. Acceptable file formats are: .jpg .png .pdf

Watch your design transform into a 3D version!

Start from Scratch. Select Ramp Type. Choose whether you want to design a Freestanding Ramp or Prop-up Ramp. Freestanding ramps can be placed anywhere without the need to lay on a surface and are good for heights like beds and couches. Prop-up ramps require a sturdy surface to lay on and are not as stable as freestanding ramps, but are easier to build and more portable. Prop-up ramps are good for thresholds, such as the step out of a doorway, small sets of stairs, and car access.

Choose Your Dog’s Weight Range. Select your dog’s weight range from the drop-down menu. This will display the minimum wood thickness recommended for the ramp’s surface.

Enter Incline Height. Type in the height of your incline from the lowest point to the highest point, such as from the bottom of the couch to the couch cushion.

Drag and Drop. Use the drag and drop feature to add wood to your ramp. Slide the wood up or down to adjust the slope. The length of the wood will display above it and adjust accordingly.

Add Parts. Add wood to build a base for a freestanding ramp and/or sides. An outline will appear for possible layouts. The sides of the ramp will be perpendicular to the surface of the ramp with the bottom of the sides fastened to both sides of the surface. The sides will serve as a barrier and prevent your dog from falling or jumping off of the ramp. The length of each piece of wood will display and adjust based on placement in the design.

Add Traction. Choose between a low-pile or high-pile carpet. Low-pile carpet is thinner and better used for high-traffic areas or outdoors. High-pile carpet is thicker and more plush. Select the carpet color from a variety of available swatches.

Paint. Use the paint features to add color, patterns, and text onto your ramps for a personalized touch.

Save. Once you are done designing your ramp, you will have the option of saving the design and/or measurements. Use these resources to gather materials and build your own dog ramp in real life!


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